Roxane Julia Beygi

//Roxane Julia Beygi

Roxane Julia Beygi

Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Therapy Patient

Ms. Beygi was fourteen years old when she diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the spring of 2007. Prior to being afflicted and diagnosed with MS, Ms. Beygi was a straight “A” student, athletic, an avid swimmer and tennis player. She enjoyed playing the piano, was very active socially, and led a lively life. She had participated in various international programs with UNICEF and overseas student conferences. Despite all the physical and emotional limitations imposed on her by MS, she still managed to graduate from high school as a valedictorian in 2010.

During her battle with MS, she received professional care at two of the best known medical institutions in the U.S. and was put on conventional treatment for MS, which is basically designed to slow the progression of the ailment. Despite the best attempt and care of the treating physicians, her fanatical adherence to medical orders, and maintaining injection and medication schedules, Ms. Beygi’s condition deteriorated. Maintaining any normalcy and achieving any level of life quality seemed impossible. She was repeatedly put on steroid treatment. The injection sites became so hard and painful that each injection turned into a traumatic event for her. She had to attend special classes because she could not maintain class schedules.

In summer of 2009, Ms. Beygi was evaluated for autologous stem cell transplant at Northwestern Medical Center. In October 2009, her treating physician referred her for stem cell transplant. In September of 2010, Ms. Beygi underwent stem cell transplant at the Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago under the care of Richard Burt, M.D. Three months after the procedure, she started college. All her grades so far are “A” without an exception, and she enjoys her college life. She also exercises on a regular basis.