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  • vatican-square-largeDiscuss and understand the importance of scientific advancements, technology and data in the paradigm shift toward regenerative medicine, with a particular focus on cellular therapies.
  • Unite people, without prejudice, creating an open dialogue about the interconnections between cellular research, technology, faith and culture.
  • Foster an international conversation among researchers, physicians, philanthropists, faith leaders and policymakers to bring cellular cures to those in medical need and identify a pathway to help reduce human suffering throughout the world.
  • Create global awareness and inspire the next generation about the vital linkages between cellular sciences, technological innovation and personalized treatment delivery.
  • Catalyze the necessary funding to support the development of cell therapies that will cure and treat a broad range of debilitating diseases and medical conditions.
  • Establish a global movement of cellular researchers, medical practitioners, technological innovators and cultural and religious thought leaders throughout the world devoted to advancing the paradigm shift toward regenerative medicine.