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vatican-stockCreated by the Stem for Life Foundation, STOQ and the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, this exclusive international event will gather the world’s leading cell therapy scientists, physicians, patients, ethicists and leaders of faith, government and philanthropy to discuss the latest cellular therapy breakthroughs and hope for the future. Moderated by renowned journalists and broadcasted around the world, the 2016 event will have a unique focus on pediatric cancers and rare genetic diseases, as well as diseases that occur with aging.

We will explore the future and how science, technology, information and communication will allow us to personalize medical solutions to remove inefficiencies, increase access and affordability and improve clinical outcomes at an individual level.

We will unite people of all races, religious beliefs, cultural and economic backgrounds in a global conversation about the healing potential of cell therapy and the importance of getting approved therapies to people suffering with debilitating medical conditions around the world.