W.E. Bosarge, PhD

//W.E. Bosarge, PhD

W.E. Bosarge, PhD

Dr. Ed Bosarge’s unwavering devotion to supporting regenerative medicine and cancer research, earned him the recognition of the Vatican in Fall 2011 and Spring 2013 when he was honored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Counsel for Culture with the Key Guardian Award and Key Philanthropy award respectively. This accolade honors a corporation, institution, or individual for their efforts to increase the well-being of humankind through their support of new and innovative science in medicine.

A devoted and energetic philanthropist, his activities through the Bosarge Family Foundation, and other charitable organizations founded by the Bosarge family, also cover a broad and diverse spectrum from supporting renovations and preservation of historical buildings and landmarks, constructing community improvements, to honoring American veterans and promoting core American values through the WWII warbird collection of the Texas Flying Legends Museum and the Red Tail “Rise Above” Mobile Exhibition and Educational Tour, to supporting and promoting local art and music programs.

Dr. Bosarge began his career at IBM working on flight control systems for NASA’s Saturn 1-B and Saturn V programs. At IBM, he later redirected his work to quantitative analysis of financial markets together with various Wall Street firms to develop methods for yield enhancement of large fixed income portfolios and this defined his future career. Dr. Bosarge is Chairman and co-founder of Houston-based Quantlab Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful high frequency trading firms. As Chairman, he is currently responsible for providing key input into Quantlab’s research and development.

Additionally, Dr. Bosarge is the founder and CEO of Capital Technologies, Inc. (“CapTech”), which manages the family’s investments and interests. CapTech manages multiple operating companies including oil and gas businesses as well as the construction and operation of the world’s first off-grid solar/wind powered “green” island in the Exumas, Bahamas that he personally designed.